System Enhancements

Batch Utilities

BossComing Boss Key's icon  Hibosoft BossComing Boss Key

A powerful, intuitive and easy to use boss key application based on virtual desktop techniques. It can hide window, protect your privacy and hide sensitive information from prying eyes in seconds.

  • Change the screen instantly with one click
    Instantly toggle between desktops(working desktop and other desktop) with a single keypress or mouse shortcut to hide windows and protect privacy.
  • Restore everything back exactly to the state before hiding
    Save you instantly in such an inconvenient situation and restore everything back once the threat has passed.
  • Pretending to be working
    It looks really strange and even suspicious if e.g. your boss walks in, it can open specified file and website page you are supposed to work with ( for use at work ) when you switch to virtual desktop.
  • Hide sensitive information from prying eyes
    Useful when you have to leave your place for a moment, since you can be sure that nobody will be able to see what you were doing, your email account, etc.
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Batch Image Resizer's icon  Hibosoft Batch Image Resizer

A program designed to resize large numbers of images/photos/pictures in seconds with just a few clicks. All popular image formats are supported.

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